Since the inception of emojis in the late 90s, 'emoji's have come a long way. Today, they have become an essential part of our lives to express our feelings, thoughts, opinions, and everything in between in an accurate and relevant way.

The use of emojis in our lives have become so common that text messages sent without any emoji may feel like a 'neutral' or even 'rude' chatting behavior by the other person. But as much as using the emojis is important, using it at the right context is extremely valuable too.

Whether you like to express sadness, excitement, happiness, or sarcasm, emojis help you express your emotions and message in the right and impactful manner. The characters in the emojis help us understand other people's emotions and feelings and express our own.

One of the most used emojis is sad emoji, which helps you express 'sad feelings' or use it in a sarcastic manner. There are different types of sad emojis - from 'crying face', ' tearful face', 'pensive face', 'weary face', 'tired face', and more. Depending upon the context of the message, you may use any or all of these sad emojis to better express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

How to Use Sad Emojis 

1. Pensive Face Sad Emoji 😔

  • This emoji is called 'pensive face sad emoji' due to the emotion it produces. You can use this emoji to express disappointment, sadness, displeasure, dismay, etc. However, actual usage of the emoji may differ basis the context of the message sent to you. Therefore, make sure you use this sad emoji in the right context and situation to express your feeling accurately.

2. Tearful Face 😢

  • 'Tearful face' emoji can be used in situations when you want to express embarrassment, disappointment, shame, awkwardness, humiliation or any such similar feelings. But you have to also see the context of the message sent to you before you use this emoji. Using a relevant sad emoji in the right context helps you get your message delivered with the right intent.

3. Disappointed Face 😞

  • As the name suggests, 'disappointed face' emoji is used when you want to express disappointed of something to the other person or in a group. This can be from the context that you expected something from someone but for some reason, it wasn't fulfilled. You can use this sad emoji in the chat when you want to be cute to your special ones as well. The context and situations of using the emoji may vary.

4. Sad but Relieved Face 😥

  • You can use 'Sad but relieved face' emoji when you want to express sadness but at the same time relieved feeling. This may be the right emoji to use in situations like when you went out to went out with your friends and came back in time without knowing your parents and you're telling this to your friends. This is just an example. However, you can use this sad emoji in similar situations to express your emotions.

5. Loud Crying Face 😭

  • You can use 'Loud crying face' in the chat when you want to express great disappointment about something or you're extremely sad. However, in the chatting etiquettes, this emoji can also be used in a sarcastic manner to express awestruck, astonishment, or even feeling extremely happy about something. Using this emoji in different scenarios will depend upon the situations.

6. Weary Face 😩